Stolen Vehicle Check


This vehicle has not been reported stolen or wanted otherwise by the New Zealand Police.

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Dodgy vehicle? Money owing and will be taken away? Ownership history. Hidden issues. And more.

Money Owing and Security Interests?

  • If there is a security interest registered, another person or company may seize a vehicle to pay off the debt!
  • And often vehicle debts are hidden on vehicle's past plates.
  • There are over 500,000 registered debt on vehicles each year? And some 250,000 debts hidden on the past plates at any one time?
  • CarJam report includes money owing checks on all the plates previously attached to a vehicle.

Scary Facts

  • Imported with structured damage identified at the border?
  • Has the vehicle been identified as likely to have been damaged by water and/or fire to the extent below the safe standard required by New Zealand law?
  • Odometer readings reliable?

Registration and Licence

  • Vehicle currently licensed and registered?
  • Can the vehicle be driven on the road?
  • Has the registration been canceled? When did this happen and what was the cause?
  • What is the current registration status?
  • What the origin of the vehicle registration?
  • When first registered in New Zeaaland?
  • Has it been registered overseas? When and what country?
  • Vehicle usage type

Warrant of Fitness

  • Has the latest inspection passed?
  • Latest Warrant of Fitness or Certificate of Fitness details?
  • When does WOF/COF expires?

Ownership History

  • Full New Zealand ownership history.
  • How many owners?
  • Name and address details on non-individual ownership.
  • Did you know there are approximately 55,000 Illegally sold vehicles each year?

Please note that names and addresses of individuals are not available as of May 2011 privacy law changes unless you are an authorised business entity. You can use our Seller Check service to confirm exact owner.

Alerts: What are the Issues?

  • CarJam reports contain tons of information. It is not easy to locate what's wrong.
  • The CarJam History and Debt Report runs lots of checks and exposes any problems in one easy to read list of alerts, warnings and notices.

Road User Charges

  • Current RUC licence details
  • Outstanding RUC charges?
  • History of RUC charges
  • For hubodometer vehciles check hubodometer serial numbers and when hubodometer was changed

Odometer History

  • Up to date history of odometer readings recorded at the WOF/COF inspections and during import border inspections.
  • Have the readings been consistent?
  • Estimated current odometer reading

Vehicle Valuation

  • Find out what's the current market valuation of your vehicle is.
  • You get valuation for most submodels of a selected model in our database.
  • Note, this component is optional in the full report.

The Dog & Lemon

  • The most comprehensive and honest vehicle review.
  • Not always the information you would like to know about the vehicle of your choice.
  • One free Dog & Lemon Guide Review where available worth $5 with every Full Report.

Plates History

  • The history of registration plates that have been issued for this vehicle in New Zealand.

Consumer Information Notice

  • The Consumer Information Standards (Used Motor Vehicles) Regulations 2008 requires a properly completed Consumer Information Notice (CIN) to be attached to all used motor vehicles offered or displayed for sale.
  • The CIN provides sellers with a standard format by which buyers can obtain information about used vehicles in order to make better informed purchasing decisions. The CIN format and the information that must be included in the notice are set out in the Regulations.
  • The Regulations which comprise the Consumer Information Standard are issued under section 27 of the Fair Trading Act 1986.
  • Read more about CINs

Basic Vehicle History

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