Stolen or Wanted otherwise by the NZ Police.

    Verify at NZ Police. ℹ️

    Limitations of the Data

    Users of this information should be aware of the following limitations. Stolen vehicle information listed here is a snapshot of data taken from the Police Vehicle of Interest database and is updated three times per day. There can be a brief delay in stolen vehicles appearing and in recovered vehicles being cleared from the list. Some vehicles listed as stolen will have been located but Police haven’t been advised. This data does not include lost or stolen registration plates.

    What if you know the location of a stolen vehicle?

    If you know the location of a stolen vehicle, always think about your own safety and the safety of others. Do NOT pursue a vehicle you believe may be stolen. If the vehicle is being driven or you believe the driver or the vehicle occupants are still nearby, then please call 111 and ask for Police.

    Abandoned Vehicles

    If the vehicle appears to be abandoned then please advise Police of its location by contacting your local police station. If you want to provide information anonymously about this vehicle contact Crime-stoppers on 0800 555 111.

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    Year: 2016
    Make: JEEP
    Model: WRANGLER
    Colour: Black
    Submodel: RUBICON 3.6P/4WD/5AT
    Body Style: Station Wagon
    VIN: Get CARJAM Report
    Plate: JNG639
    Engine No: Get CARJAM Report
    Vehicle Type: Get CARJAM Report
    Seats: Get CARJAM Report
    CC rating: Get CARJAM Report
    Fuel Type: Get CARJAM Report
    Alternative Fuel Type: Get CARJAM Report
    Power: Get CARJAM Report
    Drive: Get CARJAM Report
    Transmission: Get CARJAM Report
    Assembly Type: Get CARJAM Report
    Country of Origin: Get CARJAM Report
    Drive: Get CARJAM Report
    Gross Vehicle Mass: Get CARJAM Report
    Axle Type: Get CARJAM Report
    Axles: Get CARJAM Report
    Wheelbase: Get CARJAM Report
    Vehicle Equipment Class: Get CARJAM Report
    Industry Class: Get CARJAM Report
    MVMA Model Code: Get CARJAM Report
    Model Code: JKUS7224R.14S;
    Variant: 0
    Photo of a similar vehicle or model
    Reported Stolen? Stolen. Matched on plate. Matched on VIN. Matched on chassis. Reported 1970-Jan-01. In . No. Unknown. Checked 3 days ago. Updating...
    Popularity: Get CARJAM Report
    Last Odometer Reading: Get CARJAM Report
    Is odometer reliable? Get CARJAM Report
    Imported with Damage: Get CARJAM Report
    Subject to RUC: Get CARJAM Report
    Water/Fire Damage: Get CARJAM Report
    Statutory Write-off: Get CARJAM Report

    💸 Money Owing and Security Interests?

    • If there is a security interest registered, another person or company may seize a vehicle to pay off the debt! Often vehicle debts are hidden on the vehicle's past plates. There are over 500,000 registered debts on vehicles each year. 255,000 debts hidden on the past plates. A CarJam Report includes money owing checks on all plates previously attached to a vehicle.

    🪪 Licence

    Licence Type: Get CARJAM Report
    Licence Expiry: Get CARJAM Report
    Licence Issued On: Get CARJAM Report
    Continuous Licence: Get CARJAM Report

    Plates History

    Plate Effective Date
    JNG639 28-Jan-2016

    🪪 Registration

    Registration Status: Get CARJAM Report
    Plate: JNG639
    Plate Type: Get CARJAM Report
    Origin: Get CARJAM Report
    Used as: Get CARJAM Report
    Cause of Latest Registration: Get CARJAM Report
    NZ First Registration: Get CARJAM Report
    NZ Last Registration: Get CARJAM Report
    Was Registered Overseas? Get CARJAM Report


    Is odometer reliable? Get CARJAM Report
    Last Odometer Reading: Get CARJAM Report
    Recent Usage: Get CARJAM Report
    Recent Fuel Cost: Get CARJAM Report
    Usage Level: Get CARJAM Report

    Odometer Readings

    As of 18-May-2022 Check latest odometer readings.

    2021-Sep-23 WOF Inspection
    108 Km/year
    26,650 Km
    2021-Aug-17 WOF Inspection
    8 Km/day $2.36/day at $2.22/litre
    26,639 Km
    2020-Dec-22 WOF Inspection
    7 Km/day $1.93/day at $2.10/litre
    24,680 Km
    2020-Jan-06 WOF Inspection
    9 Km/day $2.62/day at $2.26/litre
    22,174 Km
    2018-Dec-28 WOF Inspection
    17 Km/day $4.58/day at $2.04/litre
    18,815 Km
    2016-Jan-12 WOF Inspection
    25 Km

    👑 Ownership History

    • 7 owners in New Zealand (3 owners excluding dealers)
    • Ownership Information on this vehicle is not available. Please apply in writing to the New Zealand Transport Agency.
    • Did you know there are approximately 55,000 Illegally sold vehicles each year? Full New Zealand ownership history. How many owners? Name and address details on non-individual ownership. Please note that the names and addresses of individuals are not available as of May 2011 privacy law changes unless you are an authorised business entity. You can use our Seller Check service to confirm exact owner.

    🏷️ Market Valuation

    Model Valuation
    petrol; 3600cc; 6 cylinders; IN LINE
    $??? 1y $??? 2y $???
    petrol; 3604cc; 6 cylinders; V6; was $80,990
    $??? 1y $??? 2y $???
    2016 JEEP
    petrol; 3605cc; 6 cylinders; V6; was $62,990
    $??? 1y $??? 2y $???
    2016 JEEP
    petrol; 3605cc; 6 cylinders; V6; was $69,990
    $??? 1y $??? 2y $???
    2016 JEEP
    petrol; 3605cc; 6 cylinders; V6; was $54,990
    $??? 1y $??? 2y $???
    Missing a submodel?

    ⛽ Fuel Economy

    • or of city commute. litres/100km or $/year
    • There is no fuel economy data for this vehicle.

    🦺 Vehicle Safety

    • Driver Safety
    • This vehicle has no safety rating available.

    Carbon Dioxide Emissions

    • grams/km or tonnes/year
    • Pollutants tested

    🌱 Clean Vehicle

    🦺 Safety features

    🇯🇵 Japan History

    Find out what happened to a vehicle in Japan before it was imported to NZ. For every 100 vehicles imported from Japan, we find over 200 problems or warnings. Check your import is not one of these horror stories. This report will contain the following information where available:

    • Accident History
      Malfunction, Collision and Airbag deployment, Theft, Fire damage, Water/Flood damage, Hail damage etc. More than 1 in 5 Japanese imported vehicles have a history of one or more collisions.
    • Odometer History
      Wind backs, excessive usage and other problems. Note: the older the vehicle, the less information is available and we cannot guarantee the availability of a complete odometer history.
    • Contamination Risks
      Has a vehicle been used in a contaminated region and or failed a contamination test? This includes radioactive contamination.
    • Commercial Usage
      Has a vehicle been used as a commercial vehicle?
    • Recalls
    • Average Market Price
    • Safety Ratings
    • And more...

    Please note, parts of the report are sourced from the Japanese government during Japanese working hours using human operators. Therefore, the collection of the report can take up to one Japanese business day. You will be notified by email once a report is ready.

    🇺🇸 USA History

    This vehicle's VIN has been located in the US's National Motor Vehicle Title Information System.

    This report will contain the following information where available:

    • Title History
      Ownership history, How many owners...
    • Accident History
      Impacted areas, Repair cost...
    • Odometer History
      Wind backs, excessive usage and other problems...
    • Theft History
    • Junk, Salvage, Insurance Records
    • Sales History History
    • Reconstructed or Refurbished
    • Used as Rental, Taxi or Police car?
    • And more...
    Checking if USA history exists...

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    🧾 Running Costs

    • Does not include depreciation and insurance.
    Total Costs
    per 14,000 Km per year
    Total per month $551
    Total per day $18
    Total per 100 Km $47
    Fixed Costs $159
    per year
    Licence $109
    WOF/COF $50
    Flexible Costs
    per 14,000 Km
    12.90 litres/100km
    $2.75 per litre
    Servicing $701
    Tyres $700
    Engine Oil $80

    Report Details

    Report includes: Cached Basic Facts.


    The report was created and is only valid as at 18-May-2022 7:41pm. The information provided in this report is provided by third parties. While CarJam has taken all reasonable care in preparing the report we are unable to guarantee its accuracy and no responsibility is assumed by CarJam or its agents for errors or ommissions in this report. If you know that some information is incorrect you may be able to fix this.