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2007 SCANIA K124

K124EB6X2 White with Green Heavy Bus/Service Coach

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Vehicle History in USA


Vehicle History in USA


Vehicle History in USA

This vehicle's VIN has been located in the US's National Motor Vehicle Title Information System.

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Vehicle History in USA

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Vehicle History in USA



The vehicle appears to have clean USA history. Please check below.

Vehicle History in USA

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Japan History


Japan History

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Japan History

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Year: 2007
Model: K124
Colour: White
Second Colour: Green
Submodel: K124EB6X2
Body Style: Heavy Bus/Service Coach
VIN: YS2K6X20001855616
Plate: FPA134
Engine No: 6295718
Chassis: 855616
Vehicle Type: Bus
Body Style: Heavy Bus/Service Coach
Seats: 70
CC rating: 12,000cc
Fuel Type: Diesel
Assembly Type: NZ Assembled/Built
Country of Origin: Sweden
Gross Vehicle Mass: 26,500kg
Tare Weight: 16,320kg
Axles: 3
Wheelbase: 6,330
Front Axle Group Rating: 7,500
Rear Axle Group Rating: 19,000
Reported Stolen? No.
Theftabilty: 1 in 93,000
Estimated Current Odometer: 912,600 Km
Last Odometer Reading: 908,288 Km on 03-Mar-2016
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Statutory Write-off: Get Full CarJam Report
Subject to RUC: Yes
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Money Owing and Security Interests?

If there is a security interest registered, another person or company may seize a vehicle to pay off the debt! And often vehicle debts are hidden on vehicle's past plates. There are over 500,000 registered debt on vehicles each year? And some 250,000 debts hidden on the past plates at any one time? CarJam report includes money owing checks on all the plates previously attached to a vehicle.

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Ownership History

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Please note that names and addresses of individuals are not available as of May 2011 privacy law changes unless you are an authorised business entity. You can use our Seller Check service to confirm exact owner.

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Outstanding Road User Charges and History

Check if there are outstanding RUC charges with RUC history.

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Vehicle Fitness

Subject to COF? Yes
Date of latest COF inspection: Get Full CarJam Report
Result of Latest COF Inspection: Pass
COF Expiry: Get Full CarJam Report
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Registration and Licence


Licence Type: Get Full CarJam Report
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Plates History

Plate Effective Date
FPA134 01-Sep-2010
DSZ943 02-Feb-2007


Registration Status: Get Full CarJam Report
Plate: FPA134
Plate Type: Standard
Origin: NZ New
Used as: Taxi, Commercial Passenger vehicle
Cause of Latest Registration: New
NZ First Registration: 02-Feb-2007
NZ Last Registration: Get Full CarJam Report
Was Registered Overseas? No


Odometer Reliable? Get Full CarJam Report
Inconsistent Odometer? Maybe around the 6-digit clock
Last Odometer Reading: 908,288 Km on 03-Mar-2016
Estimated Current Odometer: 912,600 Km
Recent Usage: 74 Km/day
Usage Level: Excessive 101,400/year (624% more than average)

Odometer History

Check latest odometer readings.

2016-Mar-03 COF Inspection
74 Km/day
908,288 Km
2015-Sep-12 COF Inspection
620 Km/day
895,460 Km
2015-Mar-05 COF Inspection
549 Km/day
777,079 Km
2014-Aug-28 COF Inspection
625 Km/day
673,332 Km
2014-Mar-04 COF Inspection
572 Km/day
562,656 Km
2013-Sep-04 COF Inspection
504 Km/day
459,160 Km
2013-Mar-08 COF Inspection
617 Km/day
368,344 Km
2012-Sep-07 COF Inspection
645 Km/day
256,106 Km
2012-Feb-29 COF Inspection
601 Km/day
132,880 Km
2011-Sep-05 COF Inspection
Odometer decrease of -965,821 Km
26,513 Km
2011-Jul-10 Roadside Inspection
676 Km/day
992,334 Km
2011-Feb-25 COF Inspection
630 Km/day
900,988 Km
2010-Sep-28 Roadside Inspection
639 Km/day
806,470 Km
2010-Sep-03 COF Inspection
136 Km/day
790,532 Km
2010-Sep-01 COF Inspection
20 Km/day
790,260 Km
2010-Jun-16 Roadside Inspection
497 Km/day
788,731 Km
2010-May-26 Roadside Inspection
598 Km/day
778,292 Km
2010-Mar-07 Roadside Inspection
6,568 Km/day too high?
730,431 Km
2010-Mar-04 COF Inspection
188 Km/day
710,726 Km
2010-Jan-21 Roadside Inspection
694 Km/day
702,816 Km
2010-Jan-19 Roadside Inspection
696 Km/day
701,428 Km
2009-Dec-22 Roadside Inspection
635 Km/day
681,953 Km
2009-Oct-02 Roadside Inspection
723 Km/day
630,484 Km
2009-Aug-24 Roadside Inspection
508 Km/day
602,323 Km
2009-Aug-03 COF Inspection
446 Km/day
591,664 Km
2009-Jul-10 Roadside Inspection
621 Km/day
580,952 Km
2009-Jun-05 Roadside Inspection
653 Km/day
559,228 Km
2009-Jan-19 COF Inspection
681 Km/day
469,727 Km
2008-Oct-26 Roadside Inspection
666 Km/day
411,823 Km
2008-Aug-01 COF Inspection
627 Km/day
354,553 Km
2008-Feb-17 Roadside Inspection
618 Km/day
250,487 Km
2008-Jan-29 COF Inspection
667 Km/day
238,745 Km
2008-Jan-05 Roadside Inspection
682 Km/day
222,728 Km
2007-Oct-18 Roadside Inspection
669 Km/day
168,827 Km
2007-Aug-01 COF Inspection
9 Km/day
116,696 Km
2007-Jul-31 COF Inspection
651 Km/day
116,687 Km
2007-Feb-02 COF Inspection
95 Km
2007-Feb-02 Pre-registration Check
95 Km

Vehicle History in USA


This vehicle's VIN has been located in the US's National Motor Vehicle Title Information System.

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Not available.
The vehicle is not clean in the Unites States.
The vehicle is clean in the Unites States.

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Tank Size:
City Mileage:
Highway Mileage:
Standard Seating:
Optional Seating:
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Anti-Brake System:
  • Title Records Source: NMVTIS

  • Junk / Salvage / Insurance Records Source: NMVTIS

  • Accident Records Source: VA

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  • Theft Records Source: NVS

    Contact the NICB for details regarding this vehicle theft at (USA) 800-447-6282 x2 or

  • Lien / Impound / Export Records Source: VA

  • Problem Checks Source: NMVTIS

Fuel Economy

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litres/100km or $/year

There is no fuel economy data for this vehicle.

Vehicle Safety

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Carbon Dioxide Emissions

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