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Red Light Van

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Year: 1963
Model: H Y VAN
Colour: Red
Body Style: Light Van
VIN: 7A8350M0895194007
Plate: HVAN
Engine No: 15712818
Chassis: 194007
Vehicle Type: Goods Van/Truck/Utility
Body Style: Light Van
Seats: 2
CC rating: 1,911cc
Fuel Type: Petrol
Assembly Type: Unknown
Country of Origin: France
Gross Vehicle Mass: 2,925kg
Axles: 2
Reported Stolen? No.
Estimated Current Odometer: 38,900 Km
Last Odometer Reading: 38,682 Km on 2013-Sep-09
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Subject to RUC: No

Money Owing and Security Interests?

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Ownership History

Full New Zealand ownership history. How many owners? Name and address details on non-individual ownership. Did you know there are approximately 55,000 Illegally sold vehicles each year?

Please note that names and addresses of individuals are not available as of May 2011 privacy law changes unless you are an authorised business entity. You can use our Seller Check service to confirm exact owner.

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Vehicle Fitness

Subject to WOF? Yes
Last Inspection: 2013-Sep-09
Inspection Result: Pass
WOF Expiry: 2014-Mar-09, 1 year ago
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Registration and Licence


Licence Type: Exemption
Licence Expiry: 2016-May-16, in 9 months
Licence Issued On: 2015-May-17 at 18:37
Continuous Licence: No

Plates History

Plate Effective Date
HVAN 1995-Aug-18


Registration Status: Active
Plate: HVAN
Plate Type: Personalised
Origin: Import from France
Vehicle Usage: Other (Standard) Goods
Cause of Latest Registration: Used
NZ First Registration: 1995-Aug-18
NZ Last Registration: 1995-Aug-18
Was Registered Overseas? Yes
Registered previously in: France
First Overseas Registration: 1963
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Odometer Reliable? Get CarJam Report
Inconsistent Odometer? No
Last Odometer Reading: 38,682 Km on 2013-Sep-09
Estimated Current Odometer: 38,900 Km
Recent Usage: 0 Km/day

Odometer History

2013-Sep-09 WOF Inspection
161 Km/year
38,682 Km
2011-Sep-30 WOF Inspection
1 Km/day
38,367 Km
2010-Sep-30 WOF Inspection
337 Km/year
37,827 Km
2009-Oct-02 WOF Inspection
5 Km/day
37,491 Km
2009-Feb-14 WOF Inspection
Previous inspection failed?
36,343 Km
2009-Feb-14 WOF Inspection
177 Km/year
36,343 Km
2008-Aug-13 WOF Inspection
2 Km/day
36,253 Km
2007-Oct-31 WOF Inspection
4 Km/day
35,567 Km
2007-Apr-24 WOF Inspection
Previous inspection failed?
34,792 Km
2007-Apr-24 WOF Inspection
7 Km/day
34,792 Km
2006-Oct-13 WOF Inspection
6 Km/day
33,456 Km
2006-Apr-11 WOF Inspection
39 Km/year
32,319 Km
1996-Jul-06 WOF Inspection
51 /year
1995-Aug-24 WOF Inspection

Fuel Economy

litres/100km or $/year

There is no fuel economy data for this vehicle.

Vehicle Safety

This vehicle has no safety rating available.

Carbon Dioxide Emissions

grams/km or tonnes/year
Pollutants tested


This is average statistical information for .

Safety features


Provided by RightCar and other sources.

Running Costs

Does not include depreciation and insurance.

Total Costs
per 14,000 Km per year
Total per month $466
Total per day $16
Total per 100 Km $40
Fixed Costs $390
per year
Licence $290
WOF/COF $100
Flexible Costs
per 14,000 Km
~ 12.58 litres/100km
$2.10 per liter
Servicing $1,040
Tyres $380
Oil $80

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