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    Year: 1989
    Make: TOYOTA
    Model: HI ACE
    Colour: White
    Body Style: Heavy Van
    Plate: EURO
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    🩺 Vehicle Fitness

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    Plates History

    Plate Effective Date
    RW7284 03-Mar-1993
    EURO 20-Apr-1990
    OX7393 16-Mar-1990
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    Plate: EURO
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      Odometer Readings

      As of 08-May-2023 Check latest odometer readings.

      2002-Jul-04 WOF Inspection
      435 /day
      2002-Jun-20 WOF Inspection
      42 /day
      Failed inspection
      2002-Jan-11 WOF Inspection
      60 /day
      2001-Jul-04 WOF Inspection
      27 /day
      2000-Aug-01 WOF Inspection
      2000-Aug-01 WOF Inspection
      64 /day
      Failed inspection
      2000-Jan-26 WOF Inspection
      65 /day
      1999-Dec-08 WOF Inspection
      47 /day
      1999-May-18 WOF Inspection
      29 /day
      1998-Nov-30 WOF Inspection
      40 /day
      1997-Apr-19 WOF Inspection
      38 /day
      1996-Oct-21 WOF Inspection
      28 /day
      1995-Oct-25 WOF Inspection
      87 /day
      1995-Jan-13 As at Change of Owner
      167 /day
      1993-Aug-27 As at Change of Owner

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    β›½ Fuel Economy

    • or of city commute. litres/100km or $/year
    • There is no fuel economy data for this vehicle.

    🦺 Vehicle Safety

    • Driver Safety
    • This vehicle has no safety rating available.

    Carbon Dioxide Emissions

    • grams/km or tonnes/year
    • Pollutants tested
    • No emission data available.

    🌱 Clean Vehicle

    • No emission data available.

    🦺 Safety Features

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    🧾 Running Costs

    Total Costs
    per 14,000 Km per year
    Total per month $476
    Total per day $16
    Total per 100 Km $41
    Fixed Costs $209
    per year
    most common fee is used as exact figure is unavailable
    WOF/COF $100
    Flexible Costs
    per 14,000 Km
    ~ 9.94 litres/100km
    $2.90 per litre
    Servicing $898
    Tyres $480
    Engine Oil $80
    • Note, the running costs do not include depreciation and insurance.


    The report was created and is only valid as at 08-May-2023 4:16pm. The information provided in this report is provided by third parties. While CarJam has taken all reasonable care in preparing the report we are unable to guarantee its accuracy and no responsibility is assumed by CarJam or its agents for errors or omissions in this report. If you know that some information is incorrect you may be able to fix this. Fuel economy, vehicle and driver safety, emission data provided by RightCar.