Privacy and Vehicle Ownership

21-Jul-2008 FAQ

Please note that names and addresses of individuals are not available as of May 2011 privacy law changes unless you are an authorised business entity. You can use our Seller Check service to confirm exact owner.

The Motor Vehicle Register (MVR) has always been a public register. As such Land Transport New Zealand is obliged, under section 19 of the Transport (Vehicle and Driver Registration and Licensing) Act 1986, to provide access to the name and address of the current owner(s) of a vehicle if they have an approved authorisation from the MoT.

In all cases the vehicle must be identified by providing a registration plate number or VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), the prescribed fee paid and identification produced.


45 responses to “Privacy and Vehicle Ownership”

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  2. Karl Cobb says:

    I have enquired about the details of a car Regn EAL218 to be informed that I must apply in writing to tha Transport Registry. CXan you tell me why this is the case?

    Thanks, Karl Cobb

    • Anton says:

      As per the article above

      if any person considers that the supply of their name and address may be likely to jeopardise their or their families personal safety (i.e. threat to life or property), they must put their request in writing to apply for confidential status.

      This is what has been done with this vehicle.

  3. riki taikato says:

    hi i was just wanting to update my personel details for plate no fhg171 holden ute as the owner riki is short for pateriki taikato address is fine as is other details thanks

  4. don says:

    I am the soveriegn owner of a car that was Deregistered some 4.5 years ago and will not ever be re registered or could have have any claims against it again with or by any NEW ZEALAND GOVERNMENT or any of its sub entities or agents thereof but Ifuind it is still on theirs and Carjams system.
    Would be able to remove all details of this private property (NOT PUBLIC like all REGISTERED VEHICLES) from your registry or give all lawful reason not statutes, why this cannot be done.
    There are two very distinct classes of persons and I sure as hell am not one of the dead ones with their names in all CAPITAL LETTERS.
    I can supply the last registration number this automobile had when taken off Her Majesties Elizabeth R’s highways and by ways
    Please don’tthink Iam tryingto be a smartass

  5. John says:

    I think it’s unreasonable just to pay a certain amount of money and get the name and address of the owner, in my opinion i think it’s ok to have details about the car, but personal informations is just too much.

    Doesn’t anyone else think this way?

  6. Sheena says:

    Hi if a person buys a report on a vehicle from you do you then inform the current owner of this? I am interested in a vehicle but would hate to think the current owner knows I am researching it first!

  7. emma says:

    Hi there, i am looking at buying an older car it didn’t get a warrent last time, is there way i can find out what the problems were that stopped it from getting a warrent? its beimg sold on behalf of the regerested owner many thanks Emma

  8. Lei says:

    Hi if my vehicle was taken to the mechnic shop and havent heard from them, but heard the owner of the shop has taken my vechicle to the SCRAP METAL. What do I do?

  9. Ali says:

    Hey there,
    I am the owwner of a vehicle on here which was taken out of my care in strange circumstances ‘ stand over’ but was also promised payment and an amount- which has not been forthconing. Firstly – how do i go about putting a security interest over it. Secondly, as i retain the ownership papers etc, does that make me liable for any infringement notices etc the vehicle may be involved in eg fined for no warrent or reg – which is the info on the report, although there was an odometre readin in april 2011, the vehicle has not been warrented, and is still not since sept 2010. I have no way of contacting the person who has it. Advice?

    • Anton says:

      You can put security on website. Our understanding is that you will be receiving fines etc as long as you are a registered owner of the vehicle. The way financing companies do this, as far as we understand and it’s not a legal advice, is to have ownership transfered to whoever uses the vehicle but have it secured at

  10. Hi there
    Four years ago I purchased the personalised number plate ASTON1 for my son Aston as a present for his 16th birthday when he obtained his licence(this year) but have just carjam checked and the plate is attached to a vehicle still. I paid a reasonably substantial amount for the plate, what should I do? Appreciate any advice.

    • Anton says:

      Hi Warren, Sorry for the late reply. Just looked at the plate and it does say “Registration has lapsed. It has been canceled by the New Zealand Transport Agency usually for the reason being unlicensed for too long.”

  11. terry oliver-ward says:

    I saw a car on trade me, it was with a dealer. He said he cannot tell me the number of owners as a change in the privacy laws prevent them from accessing it? Is this true, or is he trying to put one over me?

    • kate says:

      He’s trying to put one over on you. Personal details are not available to the general public but number of owners and durations is still shown in our Ownership History reports.

  12. terry oliver-ward says:

    Thank you so much. I can’t work out why he should say this, as I probably would have been very interested in the vehicle, even if it had had several owners.

    • Anton says:

      Plus if this trader would register on CarJam and open account this sort of information would cost her/him next to nothing.

  13. kevin says:

    Hi there i am interested in viewing a car before buying it was on an auction on trade me which has now closed ,i have contacted trade me but they are unable to help all i know is the cars rego and it is in palmerston north what should i do as i have no way of contactig the owner/seller? please help ive run out of ideas…

    • Paul says:

      Hi Kevin – the personal details of current owner are no longer available to the general public since legislation changes last year so its going to be tricky. If it was in company ownership rather than personal ownership those details are still available to the public and you can purchase a carJam report to find out. BUt we can’t tell you before the purchase if it is personal or company ownership 🙁

  14. Will Hicks says:

    You mention that the legislation has changed but I can’t see anyone else who has asked this question…. On many occasions I’d pop into the local Post Office and present my drivers license and request ownership deatils of a vehicle (by just giving the registration plate) and a couple of dollars. Can I no longer do this? It was very handy tracking down owners after disputes over insurance claims (when my insurance company wouldnt help).

    • kate says:

      Hi Will,

      Unfortunately the Post Office is in the same position as us now. As of May 2011, the NZTA introduced new Privacy Laws that meant that the public could no longer access private ownership details. There are only a select few who can still gain that access and that is predominantly Financial Service Providers and Motor Vehicle Traders. Sadly this means the public lose out again…

      Team Carjam

  15. peter jericevich says:

    In your details about 1966 Anglia you state they have 15″ wheels.
    This is not correct. They ran on 13″ wheels with 520-13 tyres as standard

  16. Alan says:

    Hi..I own this vehicle & have done for over 5 months…FAF894 was deregistered by me over 4 months ago & its still showing in your system as active..
    Whos fault is that?

    • Anton says:

      As per government no longer giving access to the basic vehicle information for free we deliver what we can from our cache which sometimes is outdated. As in your case. You can add this vehicle to the list of your “favourites” (free) or buy full report to renew the information. We have just renewed it for free. Please check again here:

    • kate says:

      Hi Alan,

      If you scroll down into the body of the report you will see the following:
      Cancellation Date Of Registration: 2012-Sep-19

      Kind regards,


  17. tess says:

    hi i had my car crashed into in a car park and they did the runners a lovely lady gave me plate no i have talked to insurance people but because i have only 3rd party they wont help me the police wont either as they class a car park as private property where or what do i do next?????????????????????????/

    • kate says:

      That’s a really hard one and I’m really saddened to hear that neither the insurance company nor the police will help. Due to the privacy laws no non-government agency can give out that data so that rules us out too. But…. my advice would be to contact Community Law “” as they give out free legal advice on civil cases which yours would be classified as. A lawyer could most likely obtain that information for you if they were acting on your behalf. Best of luck and let us know how you get on 🙂


  18. tess says:

    kol thank you very much at lest i feel better now that someones given me some where to go will let you know how it goes

  19. fb.1570189468 says:


  20. Christina says:

    Can u take off all info on your site as I have confidential status and info is still showing. Iandtransport has said for me to contact carjam to remove information.

  21. Andrew Hunter says:

    I have recently purchused a de reged car and and trying to locate the last regertered owner to get proof for a re-vin with no luck, is there any way round this with our having to track back through everyone who has owned this

    • Anton says:

      Hi Andrew, Unfortunately this is no longer possible as per the law changes. Your best route is to call NZTA Call Centre and check with them. Sorry cannot be helpful

  22. jed says:

    i have a caravan im looking up but the rego isnt showing up on carjam.. any one know why??

  23. Michelle Robinson says:

    I have brought a car from a man who owns a rental car company after payment he says oh I have security on this car but will release it next week as he had 8 to release he said. 2 weeks later it still has security over it and I’m getting nervous. Is there anything I can do? The car is in my name now. HDR934

    • Anton says:

      Hi Michelle. We cannot find any full CarJam Reports for this plate to confirm what you are saying. You should certainly not have bought a car with a security on it or should have had a sale agreement to make sure the security will be removed. You can re-ask the man to remove the security again. Then once s/he confirms but a full CarJam report which checks money owing not only on the current plate but on the history of the plates (if any) and VIN and chassis.