Where does the information in the reports come from?

21-Jul-2008 FAQ

The information that makes up the CarJam reports comes from Land Transport NZ and the Ministry of Economic Development.

Land Transport supply the registration information, odometer readings, fuel efficiency and pollutant information for vehicles manufactured on or after 2000.

The Ministry of Economic Development provide fuel price figures.

34 responses to “Where does the information in the reports come from?”

  1. Graeme Hansen says:

    Hi. I accidently came across the site.

    A great site. I enjoyed trying to track some of my old cars.

    Some came up that the plate had not been issued and some with no information known.

    One (UD17) came up as being silver. I was the first NZ owner and it was actually dark blue. I note with sadness that is now long gone.

    A suggestion, and I do not know if LTNZ keeps the info, would be to have reference to all the plates issued for a car. I noted one from trademe which caused consternation (t8432) was for a 1968 Holden and the owner was stating that they were the original plates (which they could not have been as LTwas issued in 1984).

    Keep up the good work.

  2. anton says:

    Thanks Graeme for comments. We do have plates history.

    Check this LEXUS LS460 2008 out


    scroll down to “Plates history”

  3. paul says:

    Hi carjam,

    can please advise how often you guys update the free reports/info?


  4. anton says:

    Once a day for performance reasons. We are hadnling almost 800,000 requests a months now.

  5. Ryna Ali says:

    Hi Carjam

    Just a question regarding security information on vehicles.

    Where do you get this information from? Normally we use Veda Advantage and the PPSR, so just wondering where you source the information from?


    • CarJam says:

      Security interests are sourced from PPSR in New Zealand.

      When searching PPSR it’s important to use VIN and/or plate and/or chassis numbers.

      CarJam report will use all the data points available in order to find the securities.

      When you use PPSR by itself you often do not know VIN number which is an important parameter to use for securities search.

      As far as we know, all the credit checks and security interest checks are performed against PPSR databases in New Zealand.

  6. Robin says:

    I just buy a report from carjam re a car EEU210 and find out it was imported with structural damage. Where do you get this imformation from and where can I get the damage report

  7. anton says:

    The information comes from Land Transport NZ. There is no details report published. Structural damage would not include things like scratches etc.

  8. Robin says:

    Is every imported car must check by Land Transport NZ or imported car must report if any crash in overseas.

  9. anton says:

    I believe it’s done by New Zealand Customs Service. It’s however entered into LTNZ database. I do not think they know if there was a crash overseas. They do their best to check if any visible damage is of a structural importance.

  10. Sheena says:

    I just discovered that a car that I was interested in buying was a written off car from an insurance company…FBU69…the current owner incorrectly told me he was the first nz owner but obviously he wasn’t as I soon found out that I knew the previous owner of the same vehicle registered prior as EEK604…thanks Car Jam for helping disclose such culprits who try to say things to be what they are not.

  11. Andrew says:

    Hi there, I am just wondering, we are looking at purchasing another vehicle and wonder, is there way to find out its history before entering NZ?

  12. Anton says:

    If a country it came from has a similar system then you could find out by purchasing similar information overseas.

  13. Quintin says:

    If I have done my WOF today how long does it take approx for this website to be updated with the details.

  14. josh says:

    Hi I’ve been trying to use the site but the ‘human verification’ image didn’t display so was unable to proceed.
    Am i doing something wrong?

  15. erin says:

    how long does it take to get a report for ownership, stolen etc?

  16. bruce says:

    hi, i am was checking a car that i may buy, but i noticed the vin number dose not seen to be correct. reg: CTT971 and it says the vin:7A8GF0B0705233468- which when i try to decode… it can’t be. Why would this be? or did i do somthing wrong?

    • Anton says:

      Hi Bruce, 7A8GF0B0705233468 is a correct special VIN issued by NZ Transport Agency. Most Japanese imports pre-2000 did not have VIN numbers. In this case, NZTA vined them with 7A8xxx and a few other ones. Additionally, check digit calculation quite often fails on NZ VINs. Hopefully, this information is useful.

  17. Vinnie says:

    Hi, I looked up a report for plate lu2319, and it only shows kilometre readings since 1993, but the van is a 1984 NZ new. Why doesn’t the report show the complete history?

  18. Cory says:

    hey there it says there is no wof for my nissan terrano rego number wh4132 but yet it has a wof sticker on it show it does have a wof till october the 20th and has rego number on wof sticker.

    • Anton says:

      Please click on “Update” link to update the info. Only paid reports would contain up to date information. Forced to us by the government.

  19. Renee says:

    Just wondering why carjam would allow people to post photos of other peoples cars without their permission!!?? Many car owners go to great lengths to keep rego details/pictures of their classic/muscle cars off the internet so they arent targeted by car theives! I’d now like to know how to track down the person who posted the photo please. Not very happy!!

    • kate says:

      Most times, photos posted are either done so by the owner themselves, or are found on the internet form car meets and the like. If you want your car’s photo removed, you simply need to email us and let us know and we can remove it for you.

  20. azza_damage says:

    my recent car i purchased has a new w.o.f that was issued about 4 weeks ago but it says on your site that the last w.o.f was in 2011.is it a dodgy warrant?the rego number is jr1965.

    • Anton says:

      Because the information for your vehicle comes from cache we don’t show current WOF and/or licence. You can either purchase the full CarJam report or add your vehicle to “Favourites” and CarJam will make sure it is refreshed within a few days. Thank you.

  21. theishan says:

    Hi there,

    Just a question, not sure if any of you might be able to help. I was looking at a car for my wife,her first car and came across a 1994 hatchback with only 40,000 kms. however when I put the rego in this site it said that the car was registered in NZ only last year, June 2014. My question is can people import 20 year old cars into NZ or is there something doggy going on here. I though this car was imported to NZ 15 years ago and wasn’t driven much, but did not expect to see it only imported last year. Any thoughts. Thanks

  22. Debbie says:

    What happens when a vehicle is ‘written off’ under an insurance claim, but the owner takes the wreck back instead of settlement? Does the fact the vehicle has been written off and why get recorded? Who provides this information?

    • Paul says:

      Hi Debbie, Insurance companies have the ability to cancel registration and the reason they use for the cancellation is “written off by insurance company”.
      Standard cancellation reasons in the register are:

      Vehicle destroyed/become permanently useless
      Vehicle permanently removed from NZ
      Vehicle written off by insurer
      Vehicle taken permanently off the road

      So to answer your question, it is the Insurance company’s responsibility to cancel the registration, and record the reason from the above list regardless of what they actually did sorry. So no easy answer for you!

    • Paul says:

      Sorry for the long delay by the way we were waiting on clarification from NZTA