Bloody good job with the website and service

30-Sep-2008 Feedback

“That you’ve done a bloody good job with the website and service! GOOD ON YA, Keep up the good work!” — Cheers, Alexander

“Hey there awesome site, great work.” — Cheers, Joseph

“Awesome site you have!”  — Sue

and many, many more…

Thank you all 🙂

7 responses to “Bloody good job with the website and service”

  1. LCL says:

    the site is good to check up on the old cars we had

    keep up the good work

  2. scott says:

    great site guys a lot of work has gone into this its great to see what has happened to my old cars

  3. Dominos vouchers says:

    yep good job,I like it…

  4. Jade says:

    Great site, however didn’t enjoy personal details of who we are, where we live or finance company details. When having a personalised plate, the details follow the plate and all of your details go with it. It is interesting that you can not view the previous owners details by law, yet you can publish personal details of someone that has a personalised number plate, address and who their finance company is. This has meant that a complete stranger can call up with your details and get information. Personally I think that this is a breach of privacy and will be looking in to this further. Thanks.

    • Anton says:

      Thank you Jade. Individual/personal ownership name and address are no longer available to public. However if there is a registered debt on a vehicle the debt details are public and covered by Personal Property Securities Act 1999. To hide this information no financing must exist for a vehicle.

  5. Jade says:

    Thanks Anton, however there isn’t a debt on this vehicle, but there is finance on another one. This came up as we have a personalised plate and it has followed the plate, not the actual car and your report does not clearly state this.

    For safety reasons previously this vehicle was registered to my work address, now a person that was stalking me has open currency to locate my where abouts. I still do not think that this should be provided to the open public. Thank you.