Don’t miss the WOF!

09-May-2010 FAQ, Feedback

“I noticed that my CEOs car had a personalised plate, so I ‘carjamed’ it because I was curious about the engine displacement and then happened to notice that his WoF had expired 1 day ago.  The next day, I bumped into him in the lift and reminded him that he needed to sort his WoF out.  lol.  Then I showed him the free carjam report for his car on my phone and, being the techie that he is, he was pretty impressed with your site.”
— by John

It’s also a good idea to check the WOF odometer reading the very next day in case the inspectors put in the wrong reading. It’s so much easier to come back to them the next day for an easy fix than going through a formal NZTA’s process of fixing the old records.

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  1. Robert Duff says:

    Chrysler Grand Cherokee Laredo DEJ58

    Pity your information is not accurate. You state my vehicle failed its last warrant. Sorry you are wrong it passed and I have a current warrant of fitness.

    • Anton says:

      Hi Robert,

      We source all vehicle data from the government operated NZTA Motor Vehicle Register. The MVR has many errors of this type due to incorrect data entry during WOFs and border checks.

      Unfortunately we are not able to correct or modify the MVR data but if you are the owner of this vehicle you can get it corrected as described below. This information is applicable to errors with WOF, COF, Registration details, etc as well as incorrect odometer readings.

      Vehicles Details incorrect?

      Odometer Reading incorrect?

      In your case I would suggest going back to the inspection guys and ask they why they have not submitted the inspection results into the MVR.

      Hope this helps.

  2. howard kim says:

    to whom it may concern !!
    i am a owner of plate no : awd 245 .(mitsibishi legnum)
    today, i found that date of wof is incorrect.
    i already got it on early april at green autos(09-441-3113) in AK.
    i hope you update it ASAP. ( 18/oct/2011 )
    thanks !!

    • Anton says:

      Carjam are now storing ‘look ups’ so that we can give out more free reports wherever possible as we are now charged for every access to the information in the Government’s Motor Vehicle Register.

      If you want to update the details of the vehicle, please register and use your “free lookup”.

  3. info on my car says my warrant ran out in april 2011, in actual fact it runs out 07/09/2011, somehow it was not updated.

  4. Galina says:

    Hi! information about WOF my car is wrong. I made it 09.03.2011, WOF label number : XE404988, car plate XX9802.Thanks.

    • kate says:

      You will need to contact the NZTA and ask them to correct it.

    • kate says:

      You may be getting confused about our cached data. These are stored reports which have been purchased in the past. Please view the timestamp at the top of the report, and click on update if you want current information.

  5. GAGAN says:


    • Paul says:

      You are probably looking at a cached report – “Ignore all expiry dates” at the top? As a registered user you can get 3 freee lookups per month and its free to join. Each report costs us 16c we have to pay the government so we can’t give out unlimited free reports.

  6. Steve says:

    My Nissan Serena BLE 489, Passed its wof yesterday so can you please update it,

  7. mark says:

    How can i update the cached data for my car, i cant find a link

    • Anton says:

      Mark, you can make it your “favourite” and CarJam will make sure the information is up to date and you will also get WOF and Registration remindiers.

  8. mark says:

    I’ve tried that but it didnt update, how can i manually force an update to the cached data?

    • Anton says:

      Mark, the update will not be instant. It will happen overnight. I have just checked and I cannot see that you actually “favoured” anything yet.

  9. Mel says:

    hey, how do you fix incorrect details on carjam , looked up about my car, and it says its WOF expired Aug 2012, but it has WOF till Aug 2013, not so good, specially when potential buyers do a carjam check, please let me no how to correct this, thanks Mel

  10. SsLimited says:

    How quickly does the site get updated. A car that I have bought shows it doesn’t have a wof

  11. SsLimited says:


    • Anton says:

      As far as I can see it has current WOF which passed on 14th of June and expires end of year 2013.

      • SsLimited says:

        Sorry its the rego that expires in 3 days

        • Anton says:

          This basic report was fetched a week ago. So, some information will become stale like WOF and licence. In order to keep it fresh and get CarJam to remind you if there are any expiries on your vehicle we suggest you add it to your favourites. Then we will be periodically scheduling the renewal of the data. And if there is anything you need to know you will get an email reminder. Hope this helps.

  12. SsLimited says:

    Thanks 🙂

  13. suhyuen says:

    The seller told me that the car pass the WOF and rego been done this morning. Why the info on the website still showing no WOF and license registration still Exemption. Do i have to wait for overnight for the info to come thru?

  14. Anton says:

    Yes, looks like the information was created yesterday.

    This link can be useful:

    I have just updated the info which cost us money:

    In the future, please buy the report.

    Thank you.