“Dealer” caught out Lying!

13-May-2010 Feedback

Buying the vehicle report from CARJAM was the best money ever spent!

I saw this article on your website and saw that the car I was about to buy had had its registration cancelled …

Thanks to seeing the article, I dug deeper and found out that the car had been in an accident and had been written off.  The dealer, posing as a private vendor, continued to lie to me when I asked him if the car had been in an accident.  When I asked if I could arrange for an AA inspection he offered to organise an “inspection” through another company for me… just like the guy featured in the article.  Buying the vehicle report from your website was the best $14 I ever spent!!

Thanks Theresa

3 responses to ““Dealer” caught out Lying!”

  1. John says:

    I think, the best deals are reregistered cars. 1. They are properly repaired for sure (VTNZ has very strict rules, I think). They are cheaper. There are many cars on the street not properly repaired! I you wnt know about without AA!

  2. Aurther says:

    Response to John, All good and well buying a re registered car if it has been crashed and properly repaired. But try and sell it in a hurry and you will have to price it even cheaper and if you have a big crash it may not withstand the same impact twice.

  3. exoticwood says:

    Thats the problem. Why do you even think if you crash. YOU aren’t supposed to crash. peoples belongings health and lives become at risk when you let it happen. I believe that allowing an accident should indict both parties for being involved not just one. Unless the other party has no motor vehicle involved. Suitably prepared for driving a motor vehicle is a rarity not the mainstream on our roads. Too many do not understand the mechanical principles they are involved with. Having no comprehension of the risk involved when symptoms of machinery are ignored. Including Weather conditions affect on traction and visibility.
    The reason I am compelled to raise the topic is above ; that repairs are carried out in accordance with best practice and VTNZ inspections endeavour to reveal all substandard repairs and components through exhaustive examinations. It is a form of ignorance to believe the repaired car is safer to be irresponsible in than any other . In terms of a car accident a tiny bump on the head “can” go unnoticed or be FATAL. BUT when you are relying on vehicle integrity to save your life its ROULETTE a la USSR.