Photo Uploads Feature

Carjam has added a feature we have been discussing for a long time which we think is going to really make a lot of people happy!

Campbell Live: First-time car owner shocked by repo visit

Check out this story of one young guy’s bad luck buying a car without getting a “registered debt/money owing” report from Carjam (Campbell Live Tuesday 12th July): “Buying your first car can be a mixed experience.  Getting the money together, not buying a lemon, finding the car that feels right for you. We talked to a young man who thought he had got it right, a good price for the car he wanted. And then the repo man turned up.”

Road Fever – recognize these “celebrity” Kiwi vehicles?

Do you recognize these cars just from the clue? Maybe from the CARJAM report on the plate?

No? OK – go on then check the answers!

Important Carjam Update

Carjam’s goal has always been simple – to provide the public with free vehicle data.

Although there have been many changes that appeared to have erased that possibility, we have introduced some new features that will see an eventual return to free reports whenever we can do that, which are explained at the end of this email. Please read the following information carefully as all of these changes affect you, our valued customers.

1st January 2011 Changes to CarJam

Government imposed fees have forced us to make the following changes to CarJam.

Lives could be lost due to government charges

Thousands of consumers are likely to end up buying illegal or unsafe vehicles due to a government proposal to charge for basic vehicle information, according to the motoring website

CIN now includes Fuel Economy Label

Consumer Information Notice now includes a Fuel Economy Label. And it’s free with every  CIN which is free with every full CarJam Report.

NZ Herald: Net helps buyers avoid rip-offs

The internet has become a must use tool for people wanting to avoid being ripped off when buying cars privately. Read full “NZ Herald: Net helps buyers avoid rip-offs” article. Note there is some misleading information in the article, CarJam also sells full reports with more information than any competitor for a lower price.

TVNZ Breakfast: Tips for buying a used car

Breakfast team gets the lowdown on buying a used car from our consumer commentator Troy Churton.

Watch the Episode TVNZ Breakfast: Tips for buying a used car.

CarJam got a plug too!

FairGo: The secret life of cars

What secrets is the bloke selling your car not telling you? CarJam got a plug too!

Watch the Episode: “FairGo: The secret life of cars”

The advice is: never buy a vehicle without a vehicle report. And you all know CarJam is the best and cheapest!