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    🛡 $250,000 Ownership Guarantee

    Ownership Guarantee – Carjam Online Limited hereby provides an optional guarantee to you that the Vehicle will not be repossessed because the Full Carjam Report does not disclose any registered security for money owing on the Vehicle or that the Vehicle has been reported to the Police as stolen. The terms and conditions of this Guarantee are as follows:

    1st January 2011 Changes to CarJam

    Government imposed fees have forced us to make the following changes to CarJam.

    500,000+ pages and 11th favourite auto website in New Zealand in just one month

    We are so excited. In May, made it into the top 100 auto websites used by Kiwis according to hitwise report for the month of May, 2008. And we made it in quite a fashion shooting up to #11. Thank you guys for having such a support and spreading the word around.

    Are EVs Greener?

    If you think EVs are always greener you are not always right. Read Where Electric Vehicles Actually Cause More Pollution Than Gas Cars

    Becoming a CarJammer

    Happy New Year! 2009 Maybe the Year of the Ox to many of us but for the New Zealand car buying, car selling or just plain car loving public (that's you guys) its going to be the Year of the CarJammer.

    Campbell Live: First-time car owner shocked by repo visit

    Check out this story of one young guy's bad luck buying a car without getting a "registered debt/money owing" report from Carjam (Campbell Live Tuesday 12th July): "Buying your first car can be a mixed experience.  Getting the money together, not buying a lemon, finding the car that feels right for you. We talked to a young man who thought he had got it right, a good price for the car he wanted. And then the repo man turned up."

    We made to NZSearch site of the day

    We would like to thank NZSearch and NZCity for making us site of the day on 30th of August 2008.

    Consumer Information Notice

    The Consumer Information Standards (Used Motor Vehicles) Regulations 2008 requires a properly completed Consumer Information Notice (CIN) to be attached to all used motor vehicles offered or displayed for sale.


    We apologise for the downtime experienced between 8pm of November 21st and 9:45am of November 22nd.

    Facebook Page Moving

    Hey CarJammers time to migrate if you are a fan of ours on Facebook. We need to switch "faces" from (our old Facebook page) to a new one for CarJam - please spread the word about the new page here (eventually we'll have to take down the old page