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Blue Sports Car

Stolen or Wanted otherwise by the NZ Police.

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    • The report is 5 years old.
    • Licence expired 5 years ago on 17th February 2014.
    • Registration will soon lapse unless re-licensed (most passenger vehicles can only remain unlicensed for up to 12 months; some other types of vehicles for up to 24 months).
    • The vehicle has been reported of interest to the New Zealand Police.
    • WOF expired 5 years ago on 24th March 2014.
    • Identity of the current owner has not been confirmed.
Year: 1999
Colour: Blue
Body Style: Sports Car
VIN: 7A8DH130708007221
Plate: FPK282
Engine No: SR20-322796W
Chassis: S15-007221
Vehicle Type: Passenger Car/Van
Seats: 4
CC rating: 1,998cc
Fuel Type: Petrol
Transmission: manual
Assembly Type: Imported Built-Up
Country of Origin: Japan
Gross Vehicle Mass: 1,460kg
Axles: 2
Model Code: GF-S15;
Variant: 65
Photo of a similar vehicle or model
Reported Stolen? Stolen. Matched on plate. Matched on VIN. Matched on chassis. Reported 2013-Oct-03. In Auckland City. No. Unknown. Checked today. Updating...
Estimated Current Odometer: 122,500 Km
Last Odometer Reading: 120,977 Km on 24-Sep-2013
Reliable Odometer: Yes
Imported with Damage: No
Water/Fire Damage: No records
Statutory Write-off: No records
Subject to RUC: No

Vehicle Fitness

Subject to WOF? Yes
Last Inspection: 24-Sep-2013
Inspection Result: Pass
WOF Expiry: 2014-Mar-24, 5 years ago
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Registration and Licence


Licence Type: Normal
Licence Expiry: 2014-Feb-17, 5 years ago
Licence Issued On: 29-Sep-2013 at 03:11pm
Continuous Licence: Yes

Plates History

Plate Effective Date
FPK282 12-Sep-2010


Registration Status: Active
Plate: FPK282
Plate Type: Standard
Origin: Import from Japan
Used as: Private Passenger vehicle
Cause of Latest Registration: Used
NZ First Registration: 12-Sep-2010
NZ Last Registration: 12-Sep-2010
Was Registered Overseas? Yes
Registered previously in: Japan
First Overseas Registration: 1999-Feb


Reliable Odometer: Yes
Inconsistent Odometer? No
Last Odometer Reading: 120,977 Km on 24-Sep-2013
Estimated Current Odometer: 122,500 Km
Recent Usage: 2 Km/day
Usage Level: Below average 7,200/year (49% less than average)

Odometer History

2013-Sep-24 WOF Inspection
2 Km/day
120,977 Km
2013-Jan-09 WOF Inspection
8 Km/day
120,515 Km
2012-May-21 WOF Inspection
28 Km/day
118,569 Km
2011-Nov-18 WOF Inspection
46 Km/day
113,377 Km
2011-May-11 WOF Inspection
14 Km/day
104,556 Km
2011-May-09 WOF Inspection
52 Km/year
Failed inspection
104,528 Km
2008-Sep-11 WOF Inspection
No travel for 30 days
104,390 Km
2008-Aug-12 Pre-registration Check
44 Km/year
104,390 Km
2008-Jul-18 Border Check

Fuel Economy

of city commute.
litres/100km or $/year

There is no fuel economy data for this vehicle.

Vehicle Safety

This vehicle has no safety rating available.

Carbon Dioxide Emissions

grams/km or tonnes/year
Pollutants tested


This is average statistical information for .

Safety features


Provided by RightCar and other sources.

Running Costs

Does not include depreciation and insurance.

Total Costs
per 14,000 Km per year
Total per month $366
Total per day $12
Total per 100 Km $31
Fixed Costs $390
per year
Licence $290
WOF/COF $100
Flexible Costs
per 14,000 Km
~ 9.15 litres/100km
$2.17 per litres
Servicing $757
Tyres $380
Engine Oil $80

Money Owing and Security Interests?

No money owing lodged against this vehicle.

Ownership History

6 ownership records in New Zealand:

  • 2012-Jan-09
    owned for 7 years
    Unknown Individual
    Individual Owner
    113,377 Km as of 2011-Nov-18
    Access to personal details revoked/opted out by law
  • 2012-Jan-09
    owned for one day
    Male Individual
    Individual Owner
    113,377 Km as of 2011-Nov-18
    Personal details protected by law.
  • 2012-Jan-09
    owned for one day
    Unknown Individual
    Individual Owner
    113,377 Km as of 2011-Nov-18
    Personal details protected by law.
  • 2011-Jun-16
    owned for 6 months
    Unknown Individual
    Individual Owner
    104,556 Km as of 2011-May-11
    Personal details protected by law.
  • 2011-May-18
    owned for 4 weeks
    Unknown Individual
    Individual Owner
    104,556 Km as of 2011-May-11
    Personal details protected by law.
  • 2010-Sep-12
    owned for 8 months

Market Valuation

Model Valuation
petrol; 2000cc; 4 cylinders
now $??? 1y $??? 2y $???
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