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    • GZ76 - 1971 LOTUS ELAN SPRINT in Red with White

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    What our customers say

    • Hi Guys I just wanted to say 'THANK YOU' for your continual support with my personal vehicle. I am very appreciative that you keep me informed with the 'Alerts' I thought they were more annoying than of any use HOW WRONG WAS I. NZTA said you guys did me a huge favour by telling me my car was not recorded as WOF PASSED, and had I not investigated I would have no known that the van I have been driving for the last month was not even legally allowed to be on the road because NZTA were not updated (doh) A quick phone call to the right people and all of a sudden its a server issue...OMG for a whole month????. Anyhow long story short, you guys don't get enough thanks so we think you guys ROCK!! Thank you so much and what makes this even better is that the service you provided me with was FREE how cool is that. 5 Starts from me guys. Cheers
      — Stella
    • You have worked wonders, many thanks for your assistance, My apologies if I caused the problem. All the best. Keep up the great work and service.
      — Regards, Michael