๐Ÿ™‹ FAQ

How can I lookup police impounded and pink/yellow/green "stickered" status for a vehicle?

Unfortunately there is no database available for CarJam or the public to search regarding vehicle impounds or status/presence of green, yellow or pink stickers attached to vehicles.

Is the year shown in reports reliable as year of manufacture?

For motor vehicles registered before 1 January 2007 "vehicle year" means the year of manufacture or the model year or the year of first registration. For vehicles registered on or after 1 January 2007 "vehicle year" means year of first registration.

Registration of Older Vehicles

The Motor Vehicle Register was computerised in 1986 by NZ Post. Any vehicle with a live rego in 1988 will be on the current system (the MVR was copied to the current system in 1996). Between 1986 and 1988 Post deleted a small number of records but most 1986 live regos should also be available.

Your prices are much lower than other providers. Do you provide less information?

No, CarJam report includes the same vehicle information as similar services in the market but just much cheaper. Compare our prices for the same vehicle information with the competition:

Odometer reading is incorrect. What can I do?

In order to correct an odometer reading that was recorded incorrectly during a Warrant of Fitness (WoF) inspection NZTA require a copy of the checksheet to be faxed to them. Along with the checksheet NZTA need a cover letter explaining why the checksheet is being sent, what the incorrect odometer reading is along with the vehicles current odometer reading.

Vehicle details are incorrect. What can I do?

When a vehicle's details are recorded incorrectly on the Motor Vehicle Register (MVR), these can be corrected by sending an Application to Change Vehicle Details (form MR16, available at anyย New Zealand Transport Agencyย ย agent) to the NZTA Most MR16 forms need to be sent with supporting documentation to prove that the information recorded on the MVR is incorrect i.e. if the vehicle model is recorded incorrectly we would require documents from the manufacturer to prove this before a change would be made.

Privacy and Vehicle Ownership

Please note that names and addresses of individuals are not available as of May 2011 privacy law changes unless you are an authorised business entity.

Where does the information in the reports come from?

The information that makes up the CarJam reports comes from NZTA and the Ministry of Economic Development.

My odometer reading is wrong. What can I do?

The data that makes up a CarJam report comes directly from the NZ Transport Agency. The odometer readings are recorded whenever the vehicle is tested for a WOF/COF at a vehicle testing station.