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Don't run the risk of buying a vehicle with hidden problems.

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Repossession Madness

How not to lose your newly bought vehicle to a Repo-Man! Did you know 250,000 Debts are registered on vehicles each year and 255,000 Debts are hidden on past plates at any one time?

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Dodgy Deals and The Backyard Mechanic

Learn how to avoid basic mistakes when buying or selling a vehicle. Did you know that every year 23,000 vehicles are stolen and 55,000 vehicles are sold illegally?

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CarJam has delivered over 50,000,000 free basic reports and 500,000 full reports.

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Vehicle Owner's Manuals

Struggling to read the Japanese Manual you got with your import vehicle?
CarJam has now over 270 owner's manuals translated into English for you to choose from.

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Driver Licence Verification

This service allows account holders to confirm a current driver licence record details.


CarJam has been providing FREE stolen vehicle and basic report checks since 2007. The first and only company in New Zealand to do so!

Vehicle Sales Agreement

Peace of mind when buying or selling a vehicle with the legals and small print in place to protect both parties.

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Ownership Check

Verify the Seller before you buy. Confirm who you are buying a vehicle from.

Seller Check

Setup Reminders for your vehicles to avoid paying fines and re-registration fees for missing your WOF and licence fees.

Batch Reports

Submit bulk lots of Plates and VINs.
Fetch data in CSV or XML format.

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Ownership Names and Addresses

CarJam is an authorised provider of ownership records including names and addresses for Registered Motor Vehicle Traders (RMVT), Service Stations, Gas Stations, Financial Service Providers and other approved entities.