How does CarJam provide free Basic reports?

    The short version:

    Industry fights back against car theft

    From the Hawkes Bay Today's Article: "During the last financial year, 512 vehicles were stolen across the region - a big drop on the previous year - with only 21.1 per cent of cases resolved by police.ย Auto Supplies Napier owner Paul Brown said the company used the CarJam website to check the ownership status of any car which came to them. "

    Batch Reports

    Sometimes, you need to get information on large number of vehicles. You can now do so using CarJam's Batch Report function.

    Vehicle Manuals for Japanese Imports.

    These handbooks has been translated from the original Japanese handbook into English and are very professional publications with full illustrations.

    Win $1,000 with CarGym!

    New Year Quiz time courtesy of Dog & Lemon Guide - a great information source about all things automotive!

    Photo Uploads Feature

    Carjam has added a feature we have been discussing for a long time which we think is going to really make a lot of people happy!

    Campbell Live: First-time car owner shocked by repo visit

    Check out this story of one young guy's bad luck buying a car without getting a "registered debt/money owing" report from Carjam (Campbell Live Tuesday 12th July):ย "Buying your first car can be a mixed experience. ย Getting the money together, not buying a lemon, finding the car that feels right for you.ย We talked to a young man who thought he had got it right, a good price for the car he wanted.ย And then the repo man turned up."

    Road Fever - recognize these "celebrity" Kiwi vehicles?

    Do you recognize these cars just from the clue? Maybe from the CARJAM report on the plate?

    Important Carjam Update

    Carjam's goal has always been simple - to provide the public with free vehicle data.

    1st January 2011 Changes to CarJam

    Government imposed fees have forced us to make the following changes to CarJam.