TVNZ Breakfast: Tips for buying a used car

Breakfast team gets the lowdown on buying a used car from our consumer commentator Troy Churton.

Watch the Episode TVNZ Breakfast: Tips for buying a used car.

CarJam got a plug too!

FairGo: The secret life of cars

What secrets is the bloke selling your car not telling you? CarJam got a plug too!

Watch the Episode: “FairGo: The secret life of cars”

The advice is: never buy a vehicle without a vehicle report. And you all know CarJam is the best and cheapest!

“Dealer” caught out Lying!

Buying the vehicle report from CARJAM was the best money ever spent!

I saw this article on your website and saw that the car I was about to buy had had its registration cancelled …

Don’t miss the WOF!

“I noticed that my CEOs car had a personalised plate, so I ‘carjamed’ it because I was curious about the engine displacement and then happened to notice that his WoF had expired 1 day ago.  The next day, I bumped into him in the lift and reminded him that he needed to sort his WoF out.  lol.  Then I showed him the free carjam report for his car on my phone and, being the techie that he is, he was pretty impressed with your site.”
— by John

Essential when buying stock for my yard

“No complaints at all about carjam! I find it essential when buying stock for my yard. Thanks!” — Tony at The CarPlace

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2010 Year

Just a short note to say thank you all the CarJammers and New Zealand motorists who have helped CarJam to grow.

We hope you are looking forward to the summer break and next year as eagerly as we are.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year — Good Luck for 2010!

Fantastic service

“CARJAM,  fantastic service! Thanks for following this up for me. Kind regards.” — Liam Venter

Bloody good job with the website and service

“That you’ve done a bloody good job with the website and service! GOOD ON YA, Keep up the good work!” — Cheers, Alexander

Saving time

“I actually love your site. I use it to get engine size data all the time for my own workshop. Customers just give me the number plate and I use Carjam to fill in our own SAM database so there’s less time taken up when they arrive.” — David Rouse from Auckland Auto Clinic

No-nonsense service

“I was impressed by the no-nonsense service offered by carjam, at much less cost than the competitors. In fact after obtaining free information on a number of vehicles, I was happy to pay the $9 for the more detailed information on a couple of vehicles I was about to purchase.” — Alex Shephard from Hamilton