ABCD: Low cost vehicle details

    ABCD is a low cost API product. It delivers less information that our basic details product but at a lower cost. This product is not available for resale of data.

    If a vehicle registered on New Zealand's Motor Vehicle Register than you should expect to at least get the following data: plate, year_of_manufacture, make, model, submodel, vin (if exists for a vehicle), reported_stolen.

    In many cases additionally you will get: chassis, engine_no, cc_rating, main_colour, second_colour, country_of_origin, tare_weight, date_of_first_registration_in_nz, no_of_seats, fuel_type, vehicle_type, body_style, alternative_fuel_type, previous_country_of_registration, result_of_latest_wof_inspection, expiry_date_of_last_successful_wof, latest_odometer_reading, licence_type, licence_expiry_date, transmission, number_of_owners_no_traders, number_of_owners, theft_stats, safety_economy (electric_range, electric_consumption, fuel_stars, fuel_consumption, fuel_promo_badge, co2_stars, co2, yearly_co2, driver_safety_stars, driver_safety_test, pollutants_stars, test_regime, safety_promo_badge, ruc_rate, ruc, others_safety_test, others_safety_stars, warning_severity, warning_message, warning_action, class (vehicle equipment class), industry_class, industry_model_code, mvma_model_code, road_transport_code.

    Please note that time sensitive fields may not be up to date.


    <site>/a/vehicle:abcd?key=<Developer API Key>&plate=<Plate|VIN>


    The default response format is JSON. For XML add &f=xml to the request.

    This is a new type of CarJam's API.

    If CarJam does not have all the data to return or the data is outdated we will start fetching the data. While we are busy doing so we will reply with null response. Additionally, we will return Refresh: <seconds> HTTP header for you to read. Refresh headers signals you how long to wait before attempting to do another request. If you don't want to read Refresh header please wait at least one second before coming back.

    Eventually, you will receive a response. It would look something like:

    Response example

        "plate": "KTY257",
        "plate2": null,
        "replacement_plate": "",
        "year_of_manufacture": "2017",
        "make": "MAZDA",
        "model": "CX-5",
        "submodel": "GSX PTR 2.5P/4WD/6AT",
        "vin": "JM0KF4WLA00115724",
        "chassis": "",
        "engine_no": "PY 10280072",
        "cc_rating": "2488",
        "main_colour": "Silver",
        "second_colour": "",
        "body_style": "SW",
        "vehicle_type": "07",
        "reported_stolen": "N",
        "country_of_origin": "JPN",
        "tare_weight": "0",
        "date_of_first_registration_in_nz": "1503921600",
        "no_of_seats": "5",
        "fuel_type": "01",
        "alternative_fuel_type": "",
        "previous_country_of_registration": "",
        "result_of_latest_wof_inspection": "P",
        "expiry_date_of_last_successful_wof": 1607166000,
        "latest_odometer_reading": "3125",
        "licence_type": "L",
        "licence_expiry_date": "1598529600",
        "transmission": "6-gear automatic",
        "number_of_owners_no_traders": "2",
        "power": "140",
        "class": "XMA",
        "industry_class": "PRIVATE",
        "industry_model_code": "",
        "mvma_model_code": "CX5FAW5GSX25P4",
        "road_transport_code": "",
        "transmission_type": "6-GEAR AUTO",
        "plates": [
                "plate_status": "Active",
                "plate_type": "ST",
                "registration_plate": "KTY257",
                "effective_date": "1503921600"
        "vehicle_usage": "01",
        "number_of_owners": "4",
        "safety_economy": {
            "electric_range": 0,
            "electric_consumption": 0,
            "fuel_stars": 9,
            "fuel_consumption": 7.5,
            "co2_stars": 8,
            "co2": 172,
            "yearly_co2": 2.41,
            "driver_safety_stars": 10,
            "driver_safety_test": "Based on 2017 ANCAP rating for 17+ models with dual frontal+side+head airbags",
            "pollutants_stars": 0,
            "test_regime": "A79/04",
            "safety_promo_badge": "ANCAP",
            "ruc_rate": 0,
            "ruc": 0,
            "others_safety_test": "",
            "others_safety_stars": 0,
            "warning_severity": "",
            "warning_message": "",
            "warning_action": "",
            "warning_details": null

    Error response example

        "code": -1,
        "message": "Missing Developer Key."