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What car are you really buying? Does that Japanese import have something to hide? If your import car came over the ditch better find out what happened to it in Australia.

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Repossession Madness

How not to lose your newly bought vehicle to a Repo-Man! Did you know 500,000 Debts are registered on vehicles each year and 255,000 Debts are hidden on past plates at any one time?

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Dodgy Deals and The Backyard Mechanic

Learn how to avoid basic mistakes when buying or selling a vehicle. Did you know that every year 23,000 vehicles are stolen and 55,000 vehicles are sold illegally?

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More than cars... bikes, trucks, boats, buses, trailers, motorhomes, RVs... anything with a rego or a VIN!

🇯🇵 Japan History

Malfunction, Collision, Theft, Fire/Water/Flood/Hail damage, Odometer history, Recall, Average Market Price, Radioactivity contamination, Commercial Usage in Japan before importation.

What does it look like?

🇺🇸 USA History

Title Problem Checks (over 60 checks), Prior Damage Checks, Odometer Checks, Salvage / Theft / Lien (securities) Checks and Other Historical Events in the USA before importation.

What does it look like?

Import from Japan or the USA? No worries. Get the history of the car in Japan and the USA before it arrived in New Zealand to see what it was really like before it got here.

Dog & Lemon Guide Reviews

Witty, astute, cynical yet warm and human, this review isn't just the world's toughest car buyer's guide - it's a literary experience that few forget.
Thoughtful, entertaining and often outrageous, it will challenge you to rethink your most basic assumptions about cars and how we use them.

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Vehicle Valuations

How much is a car worth? Find out the retail market vehicle valuation with CARJAM reports.

Often a vehicle’s debts are hidden on past plates. CARJAM checks for money owing on current and past plates, VIN and chassis numbers.

Driver Licence Verification and Check

Verification allows account holders to confirm a current driver's licence record details. Check allows fetching driver's licence details.

Verify Check

Ownership Check

Verify the Seller before you buy. Confirm who you are buying a vehicle from.

Seller Check

The data in our reports are sourced from NZTA, NZ Police, NZCO, NZ PPSR, AU PPSR and other New Zealand, Japanese, USA proprietary sources.

Vehicle Sales Agreement

Peace of mind when buying or selling a vehicle with the legals and small print in place to protect both parties.

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Consumer Information Notice

Selling your vehicle? Create a CIN for free. Search for a vehicle and then click the "CIN - Sell this vehicle" button.

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Batch Reports

Submit bulk lots of Plates and VINs.
Fetch data in CSV or XML format.

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Ownership Names and Addresses

CARJAM is an authorised provider of ownership records including names and addresses for Registered Motor Vehicle Traders (RMVT), Service Stations, Gas Stations, Financial Service Providers and other approved entities.


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