Registration of Older Vehicles

11-Jul-2009 FAQ

The Motor Vehicle Register was computerised in 1986 by NZ Post. Any vehicle with a live rego in 1988 will be on the current system (the MVR was copied to the current system in 1996). Between 1986 and 1988 Post deleted a small number of records but most 1986 live regos should also be available.

In many cases the chassis number recorded differs due to spaces, dashes etc – this was one of the reasons VINs were introduced. When these older vehicles with incomplete or vague history are presented to an inspector for registration, the NZTA will provide a search service to look for the old registration plate and record. This is only provided for the inspectors and will typically only be done when you present the car for re-registration. As there are some potential security issues if we inspection, VINing and document checking are not all done together.

14 responses to “Registration of Older Vehicles”

  1. Doug Swan says:

    I bought a classic car & need to find out the mileage history for registration no. BDP214 before 1995. Are you able to help?

  2. Robert DeLong says:

    I am the proud owner if a NZ new 1931 Ford Model a Deluxe Roadster. I purchased it from the son of the original owner so I have providence on the veracity of it’s origin. It came from San Fransisco Ca. USA. I do not know how to get the accurate info to you because you have it registered as a sedan when it is a roadster/convertible with a dickey seat.
    Please advise.
    Robert DeLong

  3. Robert DeLong says:

    ps sorry for the typo< San Fransisco CA

  4. Anton says:

    Hi Robert, Unfortunately, body style has a limited range of values. Looks like the vehicle was categorised as “sedan” being the closest to what they have in the system. “Deluxe Roadster” is not on the list. What’s the rego?

  5. Simon B says:

    Hi I have bought a 1957 BSA A10 Golden Flash which became de registered circa 1976 whilst registered to an owner in Gisborne who ten owned it for the next 34 years. The plate I’ve been given with it is 758BU and frame number EA7.1686.

    Is there any chance there is a record at LTSA for this bike, if not where would be records be? Gone forever?

    Any other advice on how I could get the evidence the bike had been registered before ?

    • Anton says:

      Hi Simon, We would recommend ringing NZTA directly on your issue. Some of the vehicles did not make it into the new registry in the 90ties but should hang around somewhere. Give them a buzz. Cheerio, Anton

  6. Arthur T says:

    a few years back i bought a 1968 HK GTS monaro from NZ and have some information as to its history. I am however trying to fill in he gaps. Would Carjam be able to assist me. The reg is TD 979. thanks

  7. Richard Hunter says:

    I would like to locate our old family car which was an Austin A30 4 door in beige colour. Reg plate CN 8145. Carjam advises the plate is not found. What does this mean. Where can I go now ?
    Any information is appreciated.
    Richard from Marton.

  8. Craigos says:

    I’m just wondering how some registrations come up as plate not used when I have pics and know that the vehicles were is use. It seems to be appening in vehicles from the 1980’s.

  9. Matt says:

    I have a1972/73 Toyota Celica TA22. The car is de-registered, I bought it off someone who didn’t have any history of the car when they purchased it (number plate or previous owner).

    The car is to old to have a vin plate as I have another one of these cars which still has live plates but no vin plate.

    I have the model number: TA22-KZ-NN
    The Chassis code (stamped into the firewall) : TA22-177767
    Etched into the window glass: DOT20 AS2 ASAHI M225

    Any information on the car or where I could possibly find information would be much appreciated as the car is 80% through a full restoration and it would be a shame not to get in re-registered and back on the road.


    • kate says:

      Hi Matt – Sounds like a fun project 🙂 We source our data through the NZTA’s Motor Vehicle Register (MVR) so that would be the best place for you to start your search. They have all records of vehicles on our roads, and as such may have additional search capacities that we don’t have. Best of luck!

  10. Blair P says:

    Hope searching through a shed on my family’s farm I came across two sets of old number plates, as we are now third generation on the farm I was hoping to find the history behind these plates. Is there any way to track old numbers? As a side note the plates are red with white numerals and a star in the center so I think they are mid to late fifties.