Average Annual Mileage

    The table shows the average annual mileage grouped by vehicle type and body style.

    Vehicle Type
    Body Style
    Mileage, Kms/year
    Moped Motorcycle 1,600
    Tractor Tractor 2,400
    Mobile Machine Mobile Machine 1,700
    Passenger Car/Van Convertible 6,100
    Passenger Car/Van Hatchback 10,300
    Passenger Car/Van Light Van 14,000
    Passenger Car/Van Motorcycle 3,200
    Passenger Car/Van Saloon 10,600
    Passenger Car/Van Sports Car 7,200
    Passenger Car/Van Station Wagon 11,900
    Passenger Car/Van Utility 10,300
    Goods Van/Truck/Utility Articulated Truck 45,400
    Goods Van/Truck/Utility Cab-Chassis only 19,200
    Goods Van/Truck/Utility Flat Deck Truck 14,400
    Goods Van/Truck/Utility Heavy Van 17,000
    Goods Van/Truck/Utility Light Van 15,700
    Goods Van/Truck/Utility Other Truck 24,900
    Goods Van/Truck/Utility Station Wagon 12,500
    Goods Van/Truck/Utility Utility 16,700
    Bus Heavy Bus/Service Coach 19,900
    Bus Minibus 15,900
    Motor Caravan Self Propelled Caravan 9,100
    Motorcycle Motorcycle 3,100
    Special Purpose Vehicle Mobile Machine 5,200
    Special Purpose Vehicle Other Truck 7,100
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