Don't miss the WOF!

    "I noticed that my CEOs car had a personalised plate, so I 'carjamed' it because I was curious about the engine displacement and then happened to notice that his WoF had expired 1 day ago.  The next day, I bumped into him in the lift and reminded him that he needed to sort his WoF out.  lol.  Then I showed him the free carjam report for his car on my phone and, being the techie that he is, he was pretty impressed with your site."
    — by John

    It's also a good idea to check the WOF odometer reading the very next day in case the inspectors put in the wrong reading. It's so much easier to come back to them the next day for an easy fix than going through a formal NZTA's process of fixing the old records.

    Update: CARJAM has alert reminders aka jamlerts. Click on 'Remind me when Vehicle Inspection is due' or 'Remind me when Licence is due'.

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