My odometer reading or other vehicle details are wrong. What can I do?

    CarJam uses data from the NZTA Motor Vehicle Register. Sometimes this data is incorectly entered for example during a WOF or COF or when a vehicle is first registered.

    You will need to contact the NZTA to get this amended. CarJam cannot action this kind of request as the NZTA require the registered person to make such change requests by calling their contact centre on 0800 109 809 (public line for Motor vehicles).

    Depending on the type of change that needs to be made, the registered person may be instructed by NZTA to take the vehicle to an inspection site to have an actual Vehicle Inspector look at the vehicle and confirm the change can be made. They would then call NZTA to advise. Once you have confirmed the changes have been made, let us know and we will update CarJam. We can't update automatically as we always have to pay the NZTA for data queries.

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