Photo Uploads Feature

    Carjam has added a feature we have been discussing for a long time which we think is going to really make a lot of people happy!

    What's it for?

    Registered users can upload their own photos of vehicles to show the world...

    • why I love my ride -  post pictures of the shiny bits, what's under the hood (literally), what it looks like when its just polished or maybe covered in mud if you are in a 4 wheel drive club! When you are telling someone about your beast they can just "Carjam It" later.
    • what it looks like for potential buyers if you are selling it privately on the road side - make it simple for people to see the details when they get home - just remember the rego and "Carjam It"
    • just giving the virtual thumbs up to a motorized beauty you've seen and snapped cruising the highways of Aotearoa! Just "Carjam It"
    • advertise your business for free by uploading a photo of your vehicle and add a caption with your contact details - people don't need to scribble down your number as your vehicle goes by just remember the rego and "Carjam It"!
    • lots of other reasons we haven't thought of yet!


    Your friends and club members can "like"  your pictures - see how many "likes" you can get!

    Here's something we like:

    Roadside Selling

    From now on if you are selling a vehicle with an ad in its window you can just point the reader to Carjam with the rego. How much simpler is that than writing down all the info and trying to remember what it looked like when you get home!

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