Average Annual Mileage

    The table shows the average annual mileage grouped by vehicle type and body style.

    Why didn't I receive an email with my report?

    This may due to your provider or mail software interpreting CarJam's email as spam - please check your spam folder.

    Can you show me the previous owner details?

    Previous owners details are not available from the NZTA if a vehicle is in private ownership.

    What does "The vehicle has been issued an exemption licence." mean?

    This means your vehicle is "on hold" and may not be driven on the road. More details from the NZTA can be found here

    Why don't you provide a PDF of the report?

    You can print or save to pdf in most modern browsers as described here

    Why is my vehicle reported stolen?

    CarJam uses data from the NZTA and the New Zealand police to determin if there is a risk your vehicle may be stolen. You can check the New Zealand police status here you must be sure to check plate, VIN, chassis number and engine number. CarJam makes this process much simpler and you can be confident the status has been correctly determined.

    Top Stolen Vehicles

    AA reckons Honda Torneo is the most stolen car according to Radio NZ's article.

    How can I lookup police impounded and pink/yellow/green "stickered" status for a vehicle?

    Unfortunately there is no database available for CarJam or the public to search regarding vehicle impounds or status/presence of green, yellow or pink stickers attached to vehicles.

    Check out the stateside vehicle history of your USA Import

    What happened to your Prime US Ironย whilst it was statesideโ€ฆ?

    ๐Ÿ‡ฏ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‘จ‍โš– Japan Car Auction Grading

    The purpose of the Auction Grade is to give anyone a quick idea of the general condition of a vehicle. The grade is the overall assessment of a vehicle given to it by a Japanese car auction houseโ€™s own assessors.